With three shrines open, there wasn’t a moment to lose. We returned to the city of Radiance and spoke with the Elder Monks were ready to set their designs in motion. Having read through the old tomes, they believed they could open the portal and speak with the Ember Goddess. Through this interaction, perhaps we could help the Embers and resettle the peace that was beginning to tear itself apart.

The Kings and High Council members of the land had come out to witness this historic moment. It wasn’t a simple matter of throwing open the chamber doors and declaring I had come calling. The Ember Goddess was imprisoned and we had to remove ethereal shackles. But as we plunged forward to set this rescue in motion, I was forced to carry on alone. Mere mortals were not allowed to enter this sanctuary.

To my surprise and dismay, there was another who entered. The Darkbringer, he who had mocked and hurled jibes and had even stood against me in my quests, now stood as my confederate in this desperate time. Had the situation been different, I’m sure we would have been locked in mortal combat. But we were now forced to work together to free the Ember Goddess, she who stood over both of us. And there was no escape. We would either succeed in this final quest, or we would perish and remain trapped here forever.

Four trials lay ahead. Four labyrinths wherein we would have to destroy the source of power that kept the Goddess contained. A labyrinth riddled with protectors of an ancient origin duly bent of crushing on plans.

Putting our differences aside, the Darkbringer and I fought valiantly. Though we were outnumbered, we employed cunning and guile to gain the upper hand. Many enemies drew their final breath at the hand of my Whirling Blade. The Darkbringer was uniquely skilled with the Bow with enemies collapsing to their feet before they ever got close enough to strike a blow.

The chambers were searched and enemies vanquished. In a battle that was at any moment ready to turn against us and plunge us into everlasting darkness, we emerged victorious.

In the silence that followed, we returned to the Ember Goddess, broke the final seal to open the portal and gained our audience…


Well, good evening! Very good of you to all show up like this. When I throw open the chamber door, we all yell surprise!


All right then. I admit to being a little surprised by these turn of events. Now you just listen up Darkbringer, if that is indeed your real name, which I highly doubt. At the least sign of treason, I’ll twist your neck for you.


Ok, well, this doesn’t look foreboding at all. I’m sure we just have to take a casual stroll through here, find the crystal that powers all of this, smack it with a hammer and be on our way.


My goodness, you certainly know how to make a grand entrance don’t you?

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