We’ve had some form of random encounter, on and off, for well over a year, but by and large they haven’t been of any great interest. However, I find the new Random Encounters are a nice step forward.

The new encounters give an opportunity to grab some quick loot and resources. When I see a Bandit or Skeleton skulking in the distance looking bandity or boney, I head straight toward them. This gives me the chance to loot their pockets, harvest wood from multiple trees, collect cotton and grab both gold and copper. And since the scene resets each time, the nodes are replenished. The regular mines have significantly dropped their yields, so I find this is a quick and easy way to make up the difference.

The skeleton scenes also provide a good source of mandrake and nightshade. Look carefully around the ring of stones. The mandrake root can be hard to see, but it’s there in quantity.

Scenes with wolves and stags offer a grand opportunity for the hunt. Again, trees and cotton are readily available, and I take great pleasure in reliving those wolves of their winter coats. Depending on where you go, there might be an opportunity to do some crocodile wrestling. With the new crating recipes, those carcasses are needed for the butchery station.

These are not the highest yield nodes and resources, but since they spawn so quickly, their frequency makes up the difference. They will continue to adapt and change as we move forward, such as sieges and gypsy wagons. But if you are roaming the overworld, I would take advantage of these new scenes, especially since they will most likely be scaled back.

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