For those who wish to record their many adventures and tell the tales of mighty deeds, I point you toward two tools of the craft that should be at the side of any scribe – Scrivener and Scapple.

With the inevitable Black Friday sales, these two apps have a 25% discount and are available for Windows and Mac. The traditional writing apps are Word or Pages, but those have become typesetting tools, not writing tools. They are too format and layout centric. Scrivener is much better for organizing, editing, saving and pulling a story together. It also has a much cleaner interface and doesn’t have 500 features you’ll never use.

There is also the companion app, Scapple. It creates story boards and links together ideas to create a working model of how a story will flow together. It’s also very handy for getting down ideas without knowing exactly how they relate to each other.

Head over to the website for a full list of features. I use Scrivener on a daily basis and highly recommend it.

Scrivener and Scapple at

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