In my desire to offer blessings for The Hollow, my shipment of Devotionals were finally delivered to the banker. Unfortunately, one tribute was not amongst them. It was my want to pay homage to my spirit guide, but a devotional dedicated to the power and might of Moon Moon had been denied. This was most disappointing as I feel the need to showcase a full Moon Moon erection in the center of town. I will be discussing this at length with the powers that be.

In the meantime, Alley and I decided to offer the Devotional dedicated to Valor. It’s a good virtue and fits well with my overall theme and dedication to the melee of stabby stabby.

It was a grand structure and immediately brought a sense of class and harmony to town. Alley was quick to bask in the glory and new found powers of the shrine. Soon, she was fortified with health and set off for some new Kobold tunnel to ride the mine carts. It sounded quite jovial. Those Kobolds are an industrious lot.

I approached the shrine with great trepidation. My previous encounters have unfortunately been with those shuttered in catacombs and tombs and right when I expect to gain enlightenment, a skeleton, mage, or some other miscreant jumps out of the shadows and proceeds to pelt me with arrows or fireballs.

Seeing how Alley had not burst into flame and the shrine was in my own town, thus no hidden skeletons, I stood at the edge and waited for something non-sinister to happen. When nothing of any kind happened, I felt I needed to immerse myself in the spirit of Valor. As such, I climbed into the devotional pool and let the waters of Valor rush over me. I had not taken into account the briskness of the water, so it was good Alley had already exited town so as not to hear my shrieks of distress.

After a time it seemed to work and I felt both rejuvenated and strengthened. I climbed out of the meditative pool and made a mental note to change the water as there were quite a few floaty bits I couldn’t identify. Perhaps I will get my manservant Cervantes to handle that. He’s not engaged in anything of significance and spends most of his time wandering aimlessly breaking my new porcelain vases.

Although mine cart rides give me motion sickness, I’m sure the Kobolds will have other attractions worth seeing. They seem to come up with the most interesting inventions.


I admit, it’s not the best night to put out a devotional. We’ll just say the rain is cleansing and is helping to wash out some of that foreign matter I left behind.

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