In an effort to change the wicked ways of the bandits and thugs, I am trying to show them there is more to life than banditry and thievery by introducing them to games of skill and chance. While it has no official title, the thugs are lining up to try their prowess. The first game of skill goes a little something like this.

To start, the band of roughs creates a menacing circle and attempts to close in on me with designs of causing harm to my person. My goal is to stop them in their tracks using only my arrow attacks and I receive extra points if I bring them down without them striking me first.

While some of the players are quite wily and tricky in their approach to bob and weave and almost make it to the point of doing me harm, most will stumble and fall to the ground several yards distant of me.

If they make it close enough to strike, whoever falls first has to buy the other a mug of ale. To date, I have won many rounds, but the lads still try to win the day.

Our game of chance involves feats of strength wherein a contestant sees how many pummels of Stone Fist he can take to the chest. I will buy a round of ale for each strike that doesn’t render them incapacitated on the floor. So far the record is three, but that poor chap had to be carted away to a healer. And alas, I haven’t seen him since. Perhaps I had the positive influence I intended and he has turned away from his life of lawlessness.

Word has spread of my games with bandits along the road and thugs in the foothills lining up to try their luck. I think I’m making progress and reaching them, but time will tell if they decide to follow the straight and narrow.


All right, let’s see how many hits you can take from one of my Fist skills. Yikes, that one looks like it’s done some internal damage.


Careful now lads, pay attention! Don’t try and catch the Ice Arrow, that’s just the height of folly!


That was indeed a palpable hit! You’re going to have to get a move on if you want to make it over here before the scalding flames get the better of you.


Nice game lads, but it looks like I won this round. After you’ve regained consciousness, you can join me in the pub

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