Still reeling from the emotionally shattering disappointment of finding head trauma rather than a mine cart ride in K’rul, I was dubious and hesitant to try my luck at the cart ride in Serpent Spine Foothills. But, since I was supervising the reform of the Thugs in the area, I decided to investigate the situation and satisfy my curiosity.

My hopes swooned as I entered the chamber and heard the distinct rumble of a mine cart on the move in the shadowy distance. To create an atmosphere of suspense, the Kobold operators lit the cavern with only the most meager of lighting. It felt both sinister and exciting, and I was giddy with anticipation.

I found the lever on the entry platform and the fun began in an instant as the bottom dropped out from under me. The descent was stomach-churningly rapid and I lost my sense of space as I plunged through the darkness.

With a bit of a spinning head, a Kobold attendant guided me to a platform and oncoming cart. This ride was for the more advanced thrill seekers as I would be required to make a leap to board the cart as having it come to a halt would spoil the fun.

The lamp approached out of the darkness and I made ready. I judged the speed of the cart, the angle of my take off, the velocity I would have to travel and then with a jocular cry of excitement I left the platform and hurled myself through the air.

I stuck the landing like a champion and was soon whisking through the darkness at maddening speed. The Kobolds cheered and stomped their feet and my marvelous entry. And seeing I was quite adept at the ride, they decided to add an element of excitement by standing on the platform to defend myself as they took practice jabs at me.

The first few strikes got the better of me, but within minutes I parried their blows and landed several of my own. I must admit, I got carried away and through force of habit set Immolation in motion and blazed through the darkness with an impressive tail of fire.

After dozens of loops, I leapt from the cart to the finishing platform where the Kobolds had a lovely waiting area. In all the darkness I had lost my usual keen sense of direction and took advantage of their accommodations and a refreshing beverage.

The Kobolds were such good hosts that they allowed me to open their prize chest. It was loaded with gold tokens for more rides and lots of colored glass trinkets. I made a very fashionable necklace from them, which I showed to my hosts. They were keen to pat me on the back for a job well done.

They encouraged me to come back any time and to not be gone too long as they were expanding their offering and would soon be heading deeper into the caverns to construct more thrilling rides.

Those K’rul Kobolds could learn a thing or two from this lot.


Oh my goodness, it really does exist!


Gadzooks! The speed is amazing!


Very well, I accept your challenge. As I come around, you will swing and I will defend!


Oh good gracious! Sorry about that! In all the excitement I got carried away and cast Immolation.
It does look quite impressive, you have to admit.



Ah, a lovely concession stand where I regain my bearing and have a refreshing beverage. Is that a prize chest over there? Is that for everyone?

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