With the current economic instability, I found myself in a financial downturn. In order to extricate myself from those seeking repayment, I took up the mantle of secondary employment. While my skillset is wide ranging, it is not what many would consider to be marketable. As such I have taken on an assortment of temporary occupations to keep myself supplied with heat, bread and ale.

I had originally taken up the trade of mail delivery, but the disdainful attitude of the town criers, led to an altercation that resulted in both broken packages and my expulsion from town.

This lead me to Anton, who said he might have a commission for me if I was able to follow directions and not ask too many questions. While I have some directional challenges from time to time, I have never been accused of asking too many questions.

Anton said that if I could supply a horse and trap, he would supply merchandise to be delivered to destinations around the realm. Not having any livestock of my own, I did the next best thing, which was to venture to a neighboring town, and with burlap sack in hand, placed it over the beasts head and persuaded it to return with me. Nob will never be able to prove anything against me.

A vigorous fracas ensued, but in the end, I was able to whirl the beast into such a frenzy it knew not which direction was up. I was somewhat confused about the orientation myself, but being the quicker to recover, I emerged the victor.

I then set to work assembling a cart. Without detailed instructions to follow, I used parts available to me and envisioned how a cart should go together.

As requested, I arrived at the appointed time to meet Anton with my valiant steed and stalwart conveyance.

“Egads, man, did you make that yourself?” he inquired, with what I assumed was great admiration.

“I did indeed,” I replied proudly.

“I have my doubts as to whether that will make it, but whatever floats your boat.”

“Boat?” I replied. “I thought you said I needed a horse? I thought I was traveling over land?”

He merely shook his head and retrieved three crates from his warehouse. “Now look here,” he began, “you take care with this. It’s fragile, expensive and not to go out of your sight.”

“But, Anton my dear fellow, these are three rather hefty crates, what am I to do with them while I am lodging? I hear there are festive hotels with entertainment services out there.”

“You will sleep with those crates, or you will sleep with the fishes!” he replied with frenetic gesturing of his hands.

“I don’t believe fish actually sleep, Anton,” I commented.

This produced a flash of rage and the brandishing of an ugly, rusty blade. “Are you questioning me?” he bellowed.

I took this to be the end of our educational discourse and turned my attention to the destination at hand.

“Without seeming like I’m asking too many questions, where am I headed with this?”

“You are going to Aerie, and will deliver it to this address.” He handed me a parchment and continued his instructions. “Do not, under any circumstances let these crates out of your sight. Don’t give them to anyone except the man at the address. Don’t open them. Don’t let anyone else open them.”

“Very well,” I said. “They are in safe hands.”

“I certainly hope so, for your sake,” he replied. “When you are done, you come straight back here. If there are no entanglements and all goes well, you’ll get paid. I might even have another job waiting for you.”

“Excellent!” I beamed. “Don’t you worry, I will protect this cargo as though my life depended on it.”

“As you should, because it does,” he said.

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Shove off!” he exclaimed with a brushing of his hands and I made my way over to Aerie.

To Be Continued …

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