During the mini telethon last night, I noticed something amusing as the devs showed off the Colossus scene. From the comments, I believe their demo character was level 60, with combatants showing as green. You would think with his intimate knowledge of combat/defense skills and his “superiority” to his enemies, he could talk and fight and win.

Turns out, because Portalarium believes “swarming” with ranged attackers makes for a “challenge”, the devs had to quickly turn on Godmode to avoid death and embarrassing themselves on a live stream.

Maybe the devs need to turn off the Godmode and advance through the game like a regular player to see how engaging it is vs. how much frustration they suffer. As proved by that little adventure, throwing in dozens of mobs to make something challenging doesn’t make it an enjoyable playing experience.

Additionally, the comment made by Chris about getting special reagents by “sacrificing” yourself was extremely disappointing. That doesn’t sound like a worthwhile or believable game element in any sense.

This is supposed to a game, something fun and satisfying, not a punishment.

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