While some may feel the Clink is a festering cesspool where your life isn’t worth much more than the rusty cleaver that will end it, and that may be true, they neglect to notice the Clink has an engaging shopping bazaar, if you know where to look.

After getting used to the slightly dim lighting, heady aromatics and making my way past the shanked guard on the floor, I found the warden’s office. He paid no heed as I looked over his wares, checked his wardrobe trunk and selected a few choice candle items.

From there, I visited the cellar with it’s excellent stores of meat, cheese and vegetables. I selected myself a fine meat and cheese tray, then indulged in their "break a crate" game to reveal some fabulous prizes.

Fabric scraps may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but they will suit my needs quite well and allow me to finish that bed mattress I’ve been working on. We won’t say how the last one was sullied and merely note that it needs replacing.

Since I was first on the scene, I was able to harvest the available crystal nodes which yielded a few quality fragments. A glass lamp is in my future for sure.

The shopping experience was quite agreeable with many items making their way into my inventory. My time in Owl’s Head was only marred by the small riot that broke out during my visit. I can only assume there was a disagreement in the value of an item and some animated haggling ensued. I don’t believe good commerce is enhanced by the use of a pointy stick, but not everyone is of my mindset.

The locals had no interest in my affairs and merely asked if I knew the way out. I pointed the direction they should travel and even held open the lever for them.

With my shopping backpack loaded with items, my patronage was at an end and I made my way back out. I snacked on one of my choice bread loaves tipped the guard a coin and said I could carry my bundle myself.

I thanked him kindly and made my way back to the Hollow.


I don’t mean to sound critical, but don’t you think we should do something about your fallen comrade here? I believe the poor fellow is leaking.


Ah, how lovely. A few choice loaves of bread and some ribs to roast over an open fire.


Excellent! Just what I was looking for, a cheese tray!

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