In my nightly confessions to the Oracle, regarding my deeds and in some cases, my misdeeds, I received a less than favorable reply regarding some of my recent actions. It appears I am on a rocky road toward the Path of Truth. The Oracle has seen fit to frown upon my filling my pockets with trinkets I am firmly convinced others no longer need. Or they will simply look better in my home than whenst I found them.

I can’t say I agree, but perhaps I really didn’t need all the goblets I took from the banquet hall. And perhaps I may have taken one too many potatoes from that Clink Bazar. But, I take exception with the comment about looting the dead.

Come now Oracle, they were all bad men. They did bad deeds. They hatched bad plans. They fell in with a bad crowd. They smelled bad.

I feel perfectly justified in that if I put myself to the hazard, come out victorious and leave my adversary face down on the field of combat as a shattered wreck of a man, I am at liberty to rifle through their pockets for loose coins and weapons. Clearly what they had were ill-gained goods.

And if I happen to come across a body in field or in the Clink, that is already face down and a shattered wreck of a man, then I should be able to proceed with the looting as the work has already been done and clearly whatever I find he won’t need any more.

I shall balance matters by supplying the tavern owner with a satisfying income and myself with a satisfying plate of mutton and mug of ale.

Frown not upon me Oracle. What you see as reckless and selfish looting, should really be seen as righting a wrong by creating harmony and balance.

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