Despite the prevailing literature, the Elves of this realm are neither full of merriment, nor do they have a penchant for crafting festive yuletide decorations. After approaching several to ask if they would guide me in the fine are of fashioning several festively decorated stockings, gift boxes and help hang some holiday garland, I receiving many unkind words, several rude gestures and a few threats with the sword. This left me to enlist the aid of the Kobolds.

While they are an industrious lot, they scoffed at the idea of making “pretty things” to be used as a home decoration. If I was willing to use poisonous plants, and craft gift boxes with splintered and ragged edges they were willing to oblige.

I then turned to Habberdash, our man of action and purveyor of fine quality items. He said he knew a chap, that knew a fellow, that played dice with an employee of a tailor who knew just how to make the items I was interested in. He was more than willing to help, provided no questions were asked and no names were spoken aloud.

Since those are the guidelines I normally operate under, I gave my word as a gentlemen and handed over a satchel of coins so he could make the appropriate introductions and settle the proper accounts. True to his word, he returned a few days later and we set to work on livening up the town with holiday decorations. Of course we made the yuletide punch and did justice to several bowls.

Habberdash and I, worked ourselves into a frenzy, and while normally a man of moderation on all fronts, I was so enthralled in the task, that I went a dash overboard and created one or two more tidings of joy than we have suitable hanging space.

To that end, Habberdash has agreed make the remainder available to the public at very reasonable prices.

Once again, if the appropriate tip of the hat, wink of the eye and nudge of the elbow is given, he will offer Gift Boxes, Stockings, Garland and Wreaths to a select few. Rest assured, all traces of blood from the slight mishap at the tailoring station have been removed and that is genuine red dye and nothing else.

Despite our vendors musings, the sleigh and snowmen are not to be sold off under any circumstance as I will be taking the sleigh out later and the snowmen and I have a public house crawl event to attend in little over a week’s time. You are free to browse all other items, so shop well and shop often.

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