In possession of the Emerald-Set Axe Key Stone, which I assumed went to one of the very tombs that no one in town seems to know about, I was now committed to finding the other pieces. Since tombs were the order of the day, I would head to where the rocks were.

To give myself a starting point, I traced my steps back to the entrance of the city and began to follow the canyon walls. I headed east and within short order found something very peculiar.

“A suspicious looking barrel and an extremely large switch,” I commented. “Clearly someone is intent on getting into this tomb. Since they aren’t around, the job falls to me.”

Unable to resist the urge, I grabbed the switch, took a few steps back and flipped it. What followed was a mighty kaboom. I was knocked off my feet and debris was sent flying for hundreds of feet.

My first instinct was to head for the town exit and make a clean getaway, but the newly formed opening into the rock face was far too much of a lure for me. And so I headed inside.

I was greeted by multiple spiders who were somehow still alive even though there was no source of sustenance. No matter, fire took care of the fuzzy little beasts and I was able to push deeper into the catacomb.

It was quite a terrible sight with skeletal remains strewn about. But then I saw something quite peculiar.

“What have we here? Another ancient relic? It’s quite a fetching item, and if I mistake not, that’s a sapphire sword.”

And with that, I took the sword from the sticky webbing and made a retreat. Continuing on my same track, I made my way around and ultimately ended up at the end of the lake in the shadow of the Sword of Serapis.

Despite my efforts, I could not remove the sword from the stone. Yet, all was not lost. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a sinister looking airship hovering in the canyon.

“Well, what have we here?” I mused. “Only miscreants and purveyors of malcontented deeds ride around in airships. Gentlemen travel by hot air balloon, which is why I have one. Clearly my next step is to board that craft and upset the designs of whoever is at the helm.”

Concealing myself as best I could to make for a surprise boarding party, I worked my way north to the airship. Using my powers of stealth I was able to get the drop of several layabouts that were guarding the ship from the ground. I then shimmied up the tethering rope, and let the mayhem begin.

I was only on the deck for mere moments when my footsteps roused the crew and a stream of relic hunters came to greet me. However, due to my strategic advantage of being on the deck while they needed to run up the stairs, each was greeted with a savage and crushing blow to the cranium as they can into the light.

Capitalizing on the element of surprise and weaving my web of confusion, I dashed down the stairs, deliberately upsetting tables, chairs and desks. The ruffians in the hall never saw me coming. The chap behind the desk only had time for a look of abject terror at my presence before he was knocked to the ground. That wily fellow trying to hide in the storage space got a terrible surprise. And I took his cheese.

With the airship all quiet, I took stock of it’s contents. I perused several of the maps, explored the corridors, then found a secret stash of goods at the far end. And what to my wandering eye did appear? Another relic stashed in the corner. This time, the ruby spear, conveniently tucked away next to the nondescript bottles of brown liquor.

“I say, that should complete the set I need. There was the emerald axe that Fleck gave me for no apparent reason. The sapphire sword in the spider den I just came from. And now this ruby sword. Things are getting quite exciting. Now all I have to do is find the other two tombs!”

I took the bottles of liquor, and the spear, then made my way back to the upper deck. In the distance more thugs and relic hunters were milling about. And they seemed quite excited about their discovery. This made me quite excited about their discovery and so I went to investigate.

As expected, I had to give each a sound thrashing as thugs are not known for their sharing ways and I’m sure they would be quite distressed to know the ill-treatment their confederates had received at my hands.

With the thugs out of the way, I crept into the chamber opening to the south. It was the tomb of Donathai the Wealthy. I questioned the wealthy part as there were no gems or coins and only more gaudy bowls covered in copper.

But, I was now ready to begin the exciting process of opening the tomb. Remembering the clues from the Tomb of the Child King, I placed the sapphire sword into the slot.

Perhaps wishful thinking, or perhaps acknowledgement that I got it right, but the sword clicked into place and there was a bluish glow to the chamber.

“Success!” I cried. “I’ve done something right and clicking the lever didn’t unleash some sort of dreaded monster that wants to eat my head! At least I hope not,” I said looking around.

Now it was time to think. I had two relics left to place, and I knew the location of another tomb. That left the third and final tomb to locate.

“Hmm. I wonder,” I mused as I dashed back to the airship and descended the tethering line to the canyon below.


Ho ha! I knew running along this canyon wall would lead to good fortune. A cavern entrance just waiting for me to pay it a visit.


What have we here? An ancient relic that most likely opens a secret burial chamber that no one seems to know about.


When did that get here? Sinister types flying around in a neferious airship. This requires closer inspection and perhaps a hostile takeover.


I see the relic hunters have been raiding the tombs. I need this more than they do, so it’s mine now. And with no one left alive on board to protest, I might take some of these unmarked bottles. Those are usually the best.


I spy with my little eye, another tomb worth investigation. Although something tells me they’re digging in the wrong place.

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