Through my many travels of the realm, doing good deeds for the variety of citizens I meet and exacting vengeance by plundering wrong-doers for their terrible crimes, I have been rewarded with a treasury of trinkets, baubles and tokens of esteem I have accepted as generous outpourings of affection. I still question how that bandit stored a plow in his leggings, but nevertheless, I find myself at an impasse.

I no longer have the space or good decorating sense to keep all these wondrous gifts. To that end, I wish to share the wealth of my grand exploits with all who come to pay a visit to Stinging Tree Hollow.

Located at our incredibly stylish crafting pavilion, decorated by Alley Oop herself, is the new Public Chest of Cast Off Riches and Overstocked Items.

Contained within are vast stores of riches from the finest bandit camps, crypts and ruins in the land. I dare say we even have some reagents that probably haven’t expired. For those looking for a bargain, feel free to take whatever tickles your fancy and completes your decorating ensemble.

On the reverse side, if you find yourself encumbered with one too many fancy paintings, pair of leggings or bottles of wine, feel free to discreetly empty your pockets before beginning your next exciting adventure.

The chest is available night and day, so have a peek for something of benefit.


Huzzah! Fabulous wealth and treasure for those brave enough to open the trove and look inside.

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