Ok. Look, look, look. You really are man’s best friend. But, but, but, you’re more than that to me. Ok, look. Sure, I’ve been in the tavern. I can admit that. And I can admit that you’re a true friend. You, you, you, you are a great listener. You don’t judge me for those few trivial mistakes. You take care of me by licking the scraps of cabbage and rutabaga of my face so I don’t embarrass myself. You showed me you really care and pulled me out of that well that one time. I REALLY appreciate that. That was a bad tumble. You stopped me from eating that rancid sausage that wasn’t a sausage at all. That was a close one, let me tell you. And we can share these special moment, just me and you, out here under the stars, just embracing life together.

Look, look, look. What I’m trying to say is, I love you dog. I don’t quite remember what your name is, or what town this is, or what I’m sitting in, but truly, I love you dog!

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