Huzzah! Despite a few wrong turns because those miserable cartographers printed the map upside down, we’re here! It’s time to take a short respite from all those close calls with a shiv to the kidney and relax in the open outdoors with a little fishing, a little boating, and perhaps even a midnight swim. I left my burqini at home, so no peeking under a full moon.


What a festive little bungalow and a very handsome view! We even have our own little pier to fish from or to launch a hearty water craft. It will be quite exciting to dangle my little pinky toes in the water. Hopefully the little fishies don’t mistake them for bait.


The luck of it all! The proprietors have anticipated my needs and left us an abundance of jerkied beef! I don’t think it could get any better.


Windy! It just got better! Casks of ale and no ill tempered barkeep with a nagging habit of trying to cut us off! The shelf of mugs is a nice touch, but completely unnecessary as this kind of holiday calls for drinking straight from the tap.

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