I have you now you fiery harpy! You’re not the only one who enjoys a refreshing bathe in these sulphur springs! We could have made a fortune together, but no, you had to throw hot smoldering ash in my face and lash out with hateful words. Not to mention a couple of fireballs to the head. We probably could have even made a difference in the life of that odious troll. His whole demeanor could have been vastly improved with a hot soak and scrubbing the carbuncles off his backside.


Now hang on a moment. Those miserable thugs submitted when I unleashed the fury. Those mongrel wolves also met their match at my hands. Even those malcontent pumpkin-headed minions of evil went up like a tinderbox once they got the sword.

I was quite under the impression you could fight fire with fire. It has certainly worked in the past. I think Xavara is using her villainous ways to cheat me.

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