… And then we sweep in from the left, arrows blazing, seize control of the wagon then make a daring yet glorious getaway.

Windy, I see by that frown upon your vaporous brow, you are at odds with pilfering a supply wagon. Normally I would agree. Taking possession of a wagon through such cowardice would be poor form, however, we would actually be doing a good deed by such actions. Allow me to explain.

Until evidence to the contrary comes to light, these barbarians absconded with this supply wagon in the first place. That’s why they’re called barbarians and not merchants. Because of this, if we pilfer the pilfered wagon, our looting transversely creates an inverse relationship to the original act of pilfering and thereby enacts a double negative to that original act of pilfering which nullifies said second despicable act of pilfering, conversely turning this into a rescue mission and actually rights a wrong putting us on the right side of right once again, allowing us to cuddle on the virtuous side of the Oracle. Huzzah!          

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