We made it Windy! Now if you will permit, I shall announce our presence with authority.

“Hello Cultist Chaps! It is I, PeteWi The Disoriented, and I have come to join your merry band. I have come fully prepared to pledge my allegiance to you in a variety of ways. Shall we start with some sort of blood oath? Or perhaps you are a blood sacrifice sort of organization? Perhaps I can be inducted in by the rites of a fine ritual? I know many myself if you find yourself lacking. I am fully versed in the ‘Ceremony of the Insane Knight’ as well as the ‘Inverted Summoning of the Tombstones of Foulness’. That is quite a good one with rather a saucy finale. Or if you will allow me to prepare for just a few minutes beforehand, there is the ever popular, ‘Primal Ritual of the Enraged Demon of Mazes’. We will of course need a yoke, a plow, and a bushel of bananas to really do that one justice.”


I wasn’t sure what you chaps were in the mood for, so I went ahead and got started on the blood sacrifice. I’m not sure how many need to be sacrificed, so I’ll just keep going until someone yells out an authoritative “When!”


Do not be discouraged my dear Windy. They can’t have gone too far. Possibly holding some sort of recruitment ceremony in one of the nearby ruins and didn’t know to expect us. Fear not, I am willing to wait all night for their return.

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