I must admit, I question the concept of owning and training a dragon. On the one hand, it seems quite fulfilling; having a companion that can smite enemies from above and swoop down with vicious intent. However, what if said dragon decides to bite the hand that feeds it? Is there still a hand? To that end, what do dragons eat? From my encounters, their diet seems to consist of Outlanders. Further, where does one take a dragon in order for it to handle it’s privy duties in private?

That aside, I met up with Alley to take her pet dragon out for a stroll in Nightshade Pass. The majestic creature needed to spread it wings and take a refreshing bathe in the accompanying pond.

The jocular times were interrupted by that troublesome troll that lives by the bridge. It seems dragons do not take kindly to disturbances to bath time and the troll was turned into a smelly, grumbling plaything.

Standing to the side, I watched in both horror and amusement as Alley’s dragon rained down some fiery vengeance. The fire blast to the eyes was horrific to witness but satisfying to behold.


No, we shant interfere. The troll brought this upon himself. Bath time is sacred for all of us and he must learn his lesson.


I’m not sure what we are witnessing. I believe that is the golden spotlight of devastation.


Desperate times indeed. The troll is winding up to throw a haymaker. Wait, my mistake, he’s trying to hit one dragon with two large stones.

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