I’ve swung the sword in the name of justice for many seasons and have witnesses many unsavory events. My finely honed instincts as an adventurer alert me to danger and reveal the rapscallion ways of miscreants and misanthropes. That is how I am able to determine with certainty that finding a poor chap lashed to a pedestal was no accident.


Windy, unless contradictory evidence comes to light, we can conclude this poor chap did not do this to himself. At least I’m relatively certain.

After venturing further into the swampy depths, I discovered more evidence of wrongdoer behavior.


I’ve seen these sorts of devices before, and no good ever comes from them. We must be on guard, my adventurer senses are tingling.


My suspicious are proved correct! Proof positive that villainy behavior is afoot! We shall begin teaching them a lesson by removing this hidden stash of ale and disposing of it properly. And by disposal I mean drinking it before they come back.

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