Windy, I must admit to being at a loss as to what this strange conveyance may be, but it causes quite a tingle to be sure. I don’t know what it is, or what it is to be used for, but now that I have laid eyes upon it, I cannot imagine life without such a trinket.

That formidable extension in the front looks quite bitey. The troll will get quite a nasty surprise when we roll into Nightshade Pass aboard this craft.

Quick, let us see if I have left any of those Kobold dragoons alive and see how many sacks of gold we must hand over in order to take possession. Since we have caused so much damage and loss of life, we may not be in a good bargaining position.


Windy! What is this I see before me? It’s glorious! It’s breathtaking! It’s blue!


I must take possession, regardless of cost. Well, not regardless of cost. Let’s be sensible now. I’m willing to pay a fair price, but if things get out of hand, I’m just as at ease with looting.


Are any of the Kobolds left alive to negotiate with us? If not, then Windy, you shall navigate and I shall steer.

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