Realizing that strength and agility are always in need of improvement, Alley has assembled a magnificent complex to hone these fundamental skills. It is both diabolical in it’s layout and ingenuity and a sight to behold for it’s artistic stylings.

But, let not the symmetry fool you. My first few trials ended in savage miscalculations regarding angle and distance.

In my mind’s eye, my cat-like reflexes would allow me to traverse the angled pillar with enviable dexterity. Then, with the power of Dash, I would propel myself over the chasm like a bird in flight. I would land with nary a sound, roll to absorb the impact, and resume my stride with the grace of the lynx. Rounding the corner, I would move through the obstacles like a smooth and deadly serpent.

In my defense, it’s exceedingly difficult to maintain footing on that narrow stone surface. That decline is far steeper than it first appears, and the momentum gained is a bit fierce. Further, rounding a corner at full sprint sounds spectacular, but presents it’s own perils and the drop to the ground is significant.

While not making excuses, the grass and soil were wet, or at least damp, lingering morning dew to be sure, which hindered my navigational prowess and put me on a direct course with the cherry blossom. A lovely tree to look at, but it’s branches and trunk are not to be trifled with and render quite a punch. That tree needs to be classified as hardwood.

The stone cart added an extra element of danger I had not anticipated. It took the impact like a stalwart champion. So did I. Although I’m sure it wasn’t dizzy and unable to focus in the aftermath.

We learn from our mistakes! However, I only wish I wasn’t such a slow study.


What do we have here?


Ah, I see what you’ve done Alley. An agility course full of tricky obstacles to test the skill and nerve of many an adventurer.


The stone cart I see. Quite a crafty hurdle to overcome. Very well! I accept this challenge. And with Llama looking on as adjudicator, I shall set down a magnificent time of completion!

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