The time has come to say farewell

This site was spun up ten years ago during the original Kickstater Campaign for Shroud of the Avatar to support the game, showcase its development, and chronicle my own adventures.

I invested a lot of time and money into the game and this writing project. In the beginning, I had a great time penning my own tales to fill in the gaps for the missing game story. My little avatar completely missed the obvious and exaggerated the esoteric, always on the wrong path and a dozen steps away from greatness.

He did meet some great people, and did have some grand adventures. He also had some pretty awesome rooftop parties and hot tub diving. He even managed to use the business end of a powerful sword and lay down some smiting.

However, time passes. Things change.

Shroud is a total disappointment and complete train wreck.

In these 10 years I’ve managed to write hundreds of adventures, while Shroud has managed to put out a half baked, bug ridden Episode 1. An equally, disjointed and convoluted Episode 2 is in the works, but that is for other people to grind through.

Since there hasn’t been a new story in two years, it’s pretty obvious I’ve abandoned the game just like thousands of others have.

It’s sad really, and a hard lesson, but, I will never support another game or project by Charlatan Garriott or his “Don’t lawyer me bro” cronies.

That aside, the clock is ticking. At the end of the month the site will step through the moongate and enter the Afterlife, as keeping the site running is a pointless endeavor.

Thanks for hanging out, and I hope you’ve had a bit of a laugh at my musings. I thought a few of them were pretty good.

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