As we prepare for the annual Samhain festival, an abundance of items are scheduled to be on offer in the AddOn store. And while I am keen to see the Haunted House, and revel in the idea of being able to puke blood and look forward to the idea of more pumpkins and statues of the Reaper, I feel something has been overlooked.

Why is there no large bat on offer? I believe a giant bat with glowing red eyes would make a festive pet to follow me about town. Would certainly strike more fear than that sissy phoenix I’ve seen lumbering around.

The same is true for a spider? I see there is a spider cloak and we have spider decorations, but why not a real spider that can walk the streets and give ol’ Halmar a shock he won’t soon forget? Sure, I could go out and try to tame one, but that comes with the high risk of envenomation and death. My idea is far easier.

If we are going to go with new masks, perhaps a Fly mask? I think having a giant bug-eyed fly head to walk around with would make for an attention getting good time. I could even make a festive buzzing sound when I walked.

And when it comes to cloaks, there can be only one. There is legend of a pale, sinister figure that lurks in the shadows of his castle in the high mountains of a mythical land called Transylvania. He had quite a fetching cloak with elegant trim and lining. I want one of those. I want to don such a cape and make dashing movements wherein my face gets covered as the folds of cloak flow elegantly around me while I make my exit from a room. It would look extremely dashing and debonaire.

Now if I could have such a cape, with a bat trailing behind me and a fly for a head, well, indeed it would be quite a night.

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Just when I thought I had finished handing over sacks of cash to Portalarium, they turn around and make even extravagant furniture. I look this morning to find there is a new Wooden Display Table, a new Dark Maple Coffee Table, a Wooden Four Poster Canopy Bed and of course, the Wheel of Pain. How am I supposed to say no to the Wheel of Pain, especially when there is a sassy vixen dressed in a bodice showcasing the item? Very mean Portalarium. Very mean indeed.

Is there any chance that if I add a few coins I can hire said maiden to supervise the running of the Wheel of Pain?

You win, take the money.

image image

image image

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

With the troubling and not completely remembered events of Desolis behind me, Barry and I thought it advantageous to remove ourselves to safer and quiet surroundings. To that end, we took refuge in the forest of West Ravenswood. I thought it an ideal location to conceal ourselves, but Barry was full of protest and angst. I expected he would be quite at home in the woods, but he was disagreeable to the idea. At least he was disagreeable to these woods.

As we walked along the tract, looking for a place to set up temporary lodgings, I explained my previous plight to Barry and revealed that had he accompanied me on that adventure, things most likely would have turned out differently. He reminded me that his need for pork chop sandwiches far outweighed the need to watch over me and my antics at the local public house. I admit, I can’t blame him on the pork chop angle and had I known that’s what he was up to, perhaps I would have stayed home as well.

But then we got to the matter of what distressed Barry about West Ravenswood. It was rather a peaceful place with perhaps a touch of a wolf overpopulation problem, but nothing serious. Barry explained it wasn’t the wolves that caused him ire, but rather the Kobolds. He had less than complimentary things to say about them in regards to looks, hygiene and lineage. Barry had begun to tell me of the strife between them and his people when he suddenly broke off and flew into a rage. And not merely the type of consternation one feels at a steak being overcooked, but a real fury that ended in bloodshed.

As we rounded the corner of what turned out to be a Kobold encampment, Barry made his presence known by mauling two of the ruffians. I would have preferred to employ a little more stealth, but it was too late now. I prepared to jump in and defend Barry when the altercation had already subsided. Barry was so swift in his attack, they never saw it coming. However, the alarm had been raised to others in the camp and a band had assembled to dispatch us over their fallen comrades. I gave the usual and expected battle cry to run, but Barry would have none of it. He bristled with anticipation and threw himself into the fray. The odds were against him to be sure, but I pitied the Kobold minions as he would never be taken without a fight.

Their bodies were discarded onto the road like used chicken bones. Barry bit and tore and thrashed and pummeled with an irritation that made me believe I needed to sleep with one eye open from now on. Before I could size up the situation and offer aid, all had grown quiet and Barry stood triumphant, pilfering their pockets. I stood aghast at the carnage.

However, what’s done is done and since the encampment was now empty, it seemed like a shame to let good camping go to waste. In usual fashion we tossed the bodies into the bushes and acted as though we had been there the whole time. And with the battle out of the way, it seemed like an ideal time for lunch.

Food was in no short supply and I decided to use some of my newly learned skills to not only gain lunch, but help control the booming wolf population. Before the unfortunate events that lead to my albeit short incarceration, I had studied with the trainer and learned many valuable new skills. While far from a master, I was beginning to see the power of Blinding Ray and Immolation. Now seemed the time to put these to good use. I pondered but couldn’t think of any good reason not to blind a wolf then set it on fire. Seems like a pretty useful one-two punch of you ask me.

And so out I went, just on the fringe of the camp where the wolves stood sentry over their own little group. I used the distraction of a stag to make my move. As they chased the frightened creature I moved in behind and when they gathered in for the kill, I let loose with the Blinding Ray causing disorder and panic in the group. As they turned in preparation for an attack on a new foe, I set the ground ablaze and roasted the wicked devils in an inferno worthy of their treachery.

Barry seemed to clap with glee at my accomplishment. I believe he was quite excited over the wolves being partially cooked in battle and that dinner would be soon in the making. Not to disappoint, we took the quarry to our newly gained camp and sat down to a fine leg or two. You know it’s been a good meal when Barry has to pick his teeth with their little paws.



Oh my! This is going to raise some questions for sure! Is this a good time to talk about your feelings?


Barry’s bloodbath is all water under the bridge at this point. Time to sneak up on some lunch.


Oh yes! At this rate lunch will be done in mere moments! Nothing says your having a good time in the great outdoors like a cleansing fire that engulfs a pack of wolves.


So Barry, which piece do you want? I know, I know, you want the leg. I’ll get it. Serving that right up little buddy.


Well Barry, you’re thirst for revenge may have been a bit over the top and if we get caught we’re going to the Clink for sure, but you know, you picked a pretty convenient spot to go on your blood thirsty rampage. It’s a nice tent and I didn’t have to gather any wood for the fire.

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Looking to give to give yourself a little something from Shroud of the Avatar this holiday season? How does an easy $5 Store Credit sound? Make sure you check out the latest update and make not of this little gem:

If you make any purchase of $5 or more on the SotA website between 12 pm CST December 18 and 12 pm CST January 2 we will make a one-time deposit of an extra $5 into your Store Credit!


We have the 15% Black Friday special, and now here’s a simple way to get an extra item out of the store. You could get the Yule Tree, Cornucopia, Turkey Call, Reindeer Call, the Menorah, Fireworks or Snowballs. I think I will use this to get the whole holiday bundle. I still have cash left over the last upgrade, so I’m almost there!

And head over to Joystiq and vote for SotA and the most anticipated MMO for 2015. There are some interesting games on list, but come on now, we all Shroud of the Avatar is the most anticipated game. It only takes a moment and you don’t have to make an account or give an email or jump through flaming hoops. Just click the radio button and go about your day. Easy!

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

Since we’re getting close to the next Release I thought it was time to take stock of the game and thusly the Addon Store. I meant to add a couple goodies during the anniversary event, but sort of got wrapped up in drinking and watching. Today I sort of broke down and added a couple of items. I know these have nothing to do with the next release and won’t show up until the game is finished, but I decided to grab one or two things while they were still available and more importantly, on sale.

While I have no idea what to do with it, I bought Ye Olde Hot Tub. I’m not sure if this should go in the front yard, back yard or on the roof, but I’ll make room for it somewhere. It’s sort of odd though, I’m not really that big into housing, but since I’ll actually have one, I suppose it should have a hot tub.


Another decoration is the Oracle Statue Head. Yet again, I have no idea why I bought this, but do you really need an excuse to have a giant Tiki style head out on the lawn? Where the devil do you put something this big? Would it be gaudy next to the hot tub?


I may have bought a Prosperity item or two. I won’t say which ones, at least not yet, but I figure if I’m going to craft something it shouldn’t suck. Maybe one or two of these will help.

I may have bought a Cloak as well. I won’t say which one until I can wear it, but I think I will look good in cloak.

Oddly, I have my eye on a couple of other Prosperity items. I really don’t know what purpose some of them serve just yet, but i figure it’s better to have not need, than need and not have.

Anybody else buy some neat Addons? Is there something cool I should be looking at?

Shroud of the Avatar Addon Store

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

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