After getting down to my last few coins in ale money, I was ejected from the tavern for trying to pay my drinks bill with an Amulet of Testimony. Forgetting I even had such a trinket, it came back to me that I was supposed to go to Harvest and hire a boat. Since I was out of the tavern and it looked like rain, I decided to travel on.

Harvest is a lovely town and I admire their fashion sense when it comes to the color yellow. I strolled down the boulevards admiring all the sunflowers, banners and other adornments that gives Harvest an easygoing feeling. I steered clear of the creepy child encampment where the little nippers set fires and throw rocks due to the lack of adult supervision.

My goal was to find a ferryman to take me across the big waters, so thinking logically, I headed for the docks. Alas, he was not there. Next, I tried the tavern as all seafaring men ultimately need an ale to slake the thirst of a long days toil. Alas, he was not there either.

I then looked in the market, the reagent shop, the armory and tried to pull information out of the town crier. All proved fruitless.

Fruit would have been a good choice, but alas, I spent the entire day looking for this miscreant and didn’t buy supplies before the market closed. I tried to buy ale with my dashing good looks, hopes, promises and dreams, but returned to the curb with nothing for my trouble but some lettuce and I’m quite sure it was meant as a taunt, not a gesture of kindness. If they continued their jibes with some tomato and a dash of bacon, all would have been well.

And thus I sat, contemplating my next move and waiting for the sun to rise. If he was a Ferryman of any respect, I would stand guard by his boat and nab him when he came to check for fares.

He threw me off the scent by coming out early to fish. It was mere coincidence that I asked if he knew of any ferryman in the vicinity and he mentioned he was in a position to ferry me to my destination. He was even in admiration of my yellow cloak and said he was ready to journey on when I was.

But we had a breakdown in our communication. Through multiple prompts, gestures and even hand signals, I tried to convey I was ready for the journey and the sooner we set off the better. I had my sailing leggings, the yellow cloak and the amulet. I even had some spare lettuce I was willing to share. We could feed the ducks, it would be glorious!

Yet, no matter how many times he said he was waiting around for me, he wouldn’t relinquish the rod and reel, hop into his rickety boat and cast off.

Defeated, dejected and disillusioned, I assailed the Ferryman with lettuce, tossed him into the sea, thrashed him with his fishing rod and liberated his row boat.

I felt somewhat guilty over leading him on a low speed pursuit over the waves wherein he nearly downed before turning back. But the quest must go on!

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It’s the usual story. You’re walking along, minding your own business, looking at the stars, enjoying a mug of ale, when all of a sudden you get thrown through a Lunar Rift. And there you are, lying face down in the dirt, the supple flesh of a pumpkin staring back at you, and somehow, the nagging feeling this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. It was a painful landing and to make matters worse, the ale mug didn’t survive the trip. Now what are you supposed to do?

Fear not my weary friend, help is at hand. And rest assured, this is New Britannia, you can’t cast Immolation without hitting a tavern, so that ale mug shant be empty for long.

As you get your bearings, it’s best to try and help the local citizenry. You could go rushing off into the first forest or thicket you find, but to be honest, it’s not going to end well. There are Thugs, and Skeletons and Bears, oh my!

It’s time to take a moment and plan. Some of these citizens are displaced travelers like yourself, while others are looking for someone to get a job done. Completing these tasks should establish you as a virtuous soul and perhaps quell the fear that many feel towards Outlanders. Most of these will allow you nto their good graces without risking life and limb.


Japeth in the tavern needs some help getting a poem to his lady love
Bentley is looking for the key he left on his desk at home in East Perennial Trail
Geof wants and Iron Blade that can also be found in East Perennial Trail
Ashton wants a book of recipes he left behind in Solace Bridge
Raymond is looking for the hammer he left behind in Solace Bridge
Emily is looking for Quincy’s blade and the note he left for her in Solace Bridge
Jeanne needs help finding her daughter’s necklace that went missing in the Soltown cemetery
Edvald from Solace Bridge has a report that should be given to Stanley, the guard
Stanley, near the refugee camp could use a courier to Ardoris

Owl’s Head:

Ask Myra about her brother and visit the Clink in the upper market
Talk to Morton in the tavern and fetch his ledger from Kingsport
Visit the guards in the upper market and help out Winslow with some Healing Herbs from Kingsport
Thomas Strongbeard might need some help with his shipments of ale. Anton in Kingsport might be the right man to talk to


Chat with Bodan behind the tavern in Braemar about wolves that plague South Valeway. He could also use some help with a lost acquaintance of his in Owl’s Nest
Bridget could use some help in finding her lost husband Veimor. Seems he may have disappeared in West Ravenswood
Innkeeper Flynn is having trouble keeping his taps stocked too. Anton should be busy if you get this sorted out.

And now my friends, I hand you over to Quests of the Avatar, because everyone needs a bit of help in their way.

As for me? Well, I have some unfinished business in Soltown in regards to a fire-lighting miscreant that would do harm to those poor refugees.

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For the past few weeks, I have been working on and building up my skills. While not gifted in Blades, Air and Fire, like Alley and Oba, I have put together a small barrage of tactics that might afford the opportunity to keep me out of harm’s way.

With that in mind, I felt mildly confident that I can set out into the world and help the citizenry of the realm with their troubles. To see how I fair, I mingled with the great unwashed of Soltown and put things to right as best I could. I’m not sure what Geof is going to do with that blade other than spike himself in an undesirable place, but it’s not for me to question. He wanted an iron blade and was willing to pay for it, so off I went. I also decided to rescue a child and bring back some trinkets belonging to a grieving widow. I even smited some zombies while I was out and about town.

That being settled, I checked in with Stanley who asked me to courier a letter over to Captain Cugel in Ardoris. Hmm, that’s tricky business with control points that must be negotiated. I had on my fighting pants so I figured it was worth a try.

I met little resistance in my travels and made it to Ardoris and Cugel in short order. I stopped several times along the way for ale and snacks, not to mention the removal of pesky rocks that always seem to find a way into my boots. A skeleton tried to interrupt my lunch, but was dispatched by my Air Elemental. She breaks wind with the best of them!

After meeting with Cugel and watching him file my hand delivered report in the rubbish, I was encouraged to speak with Lord Siranto and Lady Khasi. Now I’m all for helping a damsel in distress, especially when there is the exchange of coinage, but marriage counseling just isn’t my métier. This is sticky business and I may not be the best tactician for the job.

But Cugel was persistent, so off I went. It went as well as expected with Khasi blaming Siranto, Siranto blaming Khasi and me looking for a pub that served fish and chips. I left with an earful, pinched a lovely pewter goblet that might come in handy later and met with Min Liang Tan who said we should rendezvous in the Tower of the Shuttered Eye. Can’t we discuss matters at the pub? It’s perfectly safe over there. I hear they have a bard, with something called Dubstep Lute. It sounds pretty neat.

Min, would have none of it and I met up with him in the tower. Of course, I had to slash my way through the zombies and undead that line the stinky pathways of the swamp. And when I met up with Min, our assignation ended like so many do when I’m involved, with the undead sweeping in to break up the fun and the walls, floor and ceiling on fire. It was a cacophony of chaos and I was lucky to survive. Min was yelling all manner of crazy gibberish, but with all the noise and smoke inhalation, his words meant nothing to me.

Amidst the fire and burning undead, I took the opportunity to sneak to the top. I was rewarded with a duel by an angry mage. Turns out he was protecting some ore, which I summarily took. I figured with a tower this big and ominous, something worthwhile had to be at the top. It’s certainly not for the view.

With few options available, I went back to Khasi and Siranto who bid me to work with a spirit-talker. That gave me pause as they work with the undead. Very little good comes from conversations with the undead. And so it was that I ended up going to the Necropolis to gain and audience with Nyx and Thanatos. They are of few words, but I got the gist that some sort of power struggle is in play. Some naysayer by the name of Anapa is causing a stir and Thanatos wanted me to visit the decayed and haunted ruins of Midras. Ruin? Haunted? Undead? Does everyone need to meet in a dilapidated crypt rather discussing matters over mutton and ale?

And if I recall my history correctly, some less than savory deeds took place in Midras. There were some Obsidian shenanigans taking place over there. I’m not entirely sure that’s the best place for someone of my skill set to end up.

It seems treachery abounds in the world of the undead and I set off, back through the control point and over to Midras. I hesitate to enter due to the combative nature of the town. I believe I will need to rest, reconnoiter and then steal inside under the cover of darkness. I’m not fully versed in my final destination, but the spirit-talker and I will endeavor to locate Anapa, or a minion, smooth some ill feelings and perhaps do some negotiating. If that fails, the sword is coming out and so is the ring of fire.



So, this is the Necropolis. Looks pretty dangerous. You sure you don’t want to go first?


Those mushrooms… they hypnotize me…


Good heavens, what the devil is that?


Good evening! Thanatos, thanks for taking the time out from whatever you do down here to meet me. This is a pretty nice chamber of horrors you’ve got going on down here. You’re not going to steal my soul are you?


Ok, you get full marks for being both ominous and scary. Any chance I could borrow that axe of yours? I think I could settle a few scores with that.

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

Today is the day, Release 15 is close at hand and it brings a slew of new content. I was just looking over the Release 15 Instructions and it’s almost overwhelming. There will be new towns, updated graphics, new scenes, a new mine, more spells and skills, gathering skills, updates galore and of course, a new Grand Tour for the Silver Jester Carnival Mask. There is going to be so much to do and see in this release. And further good news, not only do we get to keep our characters (no character wipe) our Pledge and Add On Rewards will get duplicated. This will be a one time deal, but it does mean a resupply of decorations, weapons, armor and the like. Knight Tables all round!!

The only real disappointment is The Necropolis didn’t get finished. I was really looking forward to finally seeing this area and working on the quests contained within. Looks like that will have to wait, but when it’s done, I bet it will be amazing.

The new Shardfall made it in, and it’s another PvP Zone. I’m going to bet money part of the Grand Tour will be in this location (no preying on newbs ya dirty devils!). But then again, considering the huge number of new locations, this Grand Tour could take us anywhere.

Another interesting piece is Harvesting. There will now be skills for Harvesting as well as Gathering Duration and Interruption. I’m sure this means I won’t keep chopping at that tree or picking at that copper deposit while wolves attack and spiders drown me in venom.

The gates will open shortly, so tonight I will set off into the new world. First order of business will be the Grand Tour. Considering we should all be at a decent level, this shouldn’t be too hard. But, that nefarious Chris knows all about that, so perhaps he has countermeasures in place. I’m prepared to go it alone, but hopefully I can find a friend or two to come along. And by this I mean so they can protect me from the evil that lurks out there.

Lots of changes for this release and so much new content. I’m going to have to make a checklist just to keep track of all the new places and make sure I visit them. And here I was thinking I would spend the weekend making some chairs and tables for my house.

Novia awaits! Come, we go!

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

Well there it is, the first full week of Shroud of the Avatar over and done with. It’s actually been a bit more than a week, but let’s not get hung up on details. The important thing is, how are you doing? How is that character building coming along? And were you able to raise some cash after the gem mines shut down?

As I said, I got my house in Braemar back, but I have yet to actually decorate it. I managed to place the basement (which is quite dark), place some crafting stations and turn the lights on with some candelabras. I haven’t crafted anything yet, because I keep hearing the recipes are all out of whack. It’s no longer 10 leather to make that chest armor, but something like 50. Not sure I can afford that sort of crafting.

Decorating has been light because I’ve been out in the wilderness hunting wolves, bears and spiders. I’ve also completed all the quests that I know of. That pushed me through several levels and I was finally able to get strong enough to beat up a wolf all by myself. You have to take your victories where you can get them. I started with melee, because archer is just too expensive and who has the encumbrance to carry all those arrows?

I raided the gem mines before they were shut down and that will have to carry me a long way. Ah, I’ll miss you loot cave.

With all that done, I switched back over to archery. I had a good time with that in the previous release and wanted to try it out again. First off, it’s very expensive to maintain. Between the cost of arrows and repairing/rebuilding armor, you need to have a lot of gold on hand to make this work. However, it’s a very exciting character to play. Melee is a little redundant with pressing 1, 2, 3, etc as you go down the combat bar. Archer is not an autopilot kind of character. You have to pay attention lest you get mauled by a bear, swarmed by skeletons or poisoned to death by spiders.

Second, the archer spends a lot of time running. You have to calculate your aimed shot, then all the follow up shots so you do the most damage, but still have time and room to avoid getting hit. Also, you can’t just stand on a rock and shoot at everything that comes near you. You need to keep your feet on the ground to be considered in combat.

That being said, the archer is still a lot of fun. Complicated, but fun. I’ve managed to reach Level 41 which is pretty good considering I got to Level 46 in Release 13. Here’s a few things I’ve found so far.

The easiest way to move up in levels in the beginning is to complete the quests. Talk to Morton in Owl’s Head, Harry and Erin in Kingsport, Flynn and Bodan in Braemar and Kelly in Owl’s Nest. That should jump you multiple levels and then you can talk to Myra in Owl’s Head and venture down into the Clink.

When that’s over, it’s time to take on the environment. I would suggest South Valeway as a good place to get resources and dispatch creatures that are on your level. Once you make some progress, you can head over to Deep Ravenswood where the challenges and XP are much greater. You can get a lot of XP and hides from the bears and wolves out there. You can get a pretty savage beating too, but you have to take the good with the bad.

How will you make money? Since crafting doesn’t seem to be the way to go, head out to Greymark Forest and beat down some Elf Fighters. You should be able to stock up on Iron Longswords and take them back for decent cash. It won’t make you rich, but it should sustain you. You can also sell the hides you snare from the animals or maybe try and make some armor out of them. I have 480 animal hides in the bank just waiting for me to do something with them. That bank probably smell terrible by now.

How is my archer looking? Well, I’m glad you asked. I have the Founders Armor which is pretty rubbish if I’m honest. I would much prefer the Elven Armor from the previous release. However, I do have the Elven Bow, or rather a stockpile of them from all the Elf Archer I’ve dealt with out in the Greymark Forest. It’s easier to steal them off fallen enemies than buy new ones.

My archer is sporting Aimed Shot, Piercing Arrow, Disabling Shot, Blinding Shot, Flaming Arrow, Ice Arrow and Death Touch. Sadly, Multishot and Quick Draw aren’t usable in the tree yet. However, using this combo means I carry 500 of each arrow type. That’s 2500 arrows at any given time so you’re darn right I had to increase encumbrance. That is a pesky limitation. I see why it’s in the game, but the starting level should be a big higher.

And no, 500 arrows isn’t excessive. Have you seen me shoot? I go through 500 of the regular arrows in no time. Let’s be honest, do you want to run out of arrows in the middle of fighting evil in a dungeon? “Right, yes, I know, I almost defeated you Mr. Lich, but would you be a sport and hold on a tick while I pop back to town and grab some arrows. Awfully sorry. Won’t be a minute.” I’ll carry as many arrows as I can even if my character is walking funny.

So where do we go from here? Well, there are still plenty of things to do. There is still the Lich in Ravenswood, there is the Lich in the Obsidian Keep, there are all the skeletons and Lich in the Veiled Swamp and all the other nasty things that live out in the Mysterious Swamp. There are also all the places to jump to through the Lunar Rift which I haven’t been back to in ages. Unlike some people (you know who you are) I’m not going to try and solo the Dungeon Run. That’s just madness. I may be a little punch drunk, but I haven’t been hit in the head that many times. I would like to retry this build on one of Bayridge’s Dungeon Runs and see if I can make it to the end. I’ll follow him into combat down there, but I’m not going alone.

There is still lots of decorating to do as well. I still have tons of items in the bank that need to be placed. My house was looking pretty good for the last release. Ok, to be more precise, I thought it was looking pretty good. I don’t have the money to go wild with decorating so it will be conservative furnishings. Don’t be surprised if a few tavern or basement items end up in my house.

There is also plenty of wood collecting to do. I need to make some furniture so it’s wood chopping I must do. Best place for that is Greymark Forest. Or at least it was. I notice a lot of trees are already down in the forest areas these days.

Can I make Level 50? I think that’s reasonable. I think the ever increasing distance between levels will make 50 a pretty hefty goal. I’m not sure what other skills will be really effective, but we’ll see how it goes.

Plenty of work to do. Lots of wood to gather. Much furniture carving to tend to. The life of the Avatar is work, work, work all the time.

Oh yeah, you got that hat yet?

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

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