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Upcoming developer chats as announced by FireLotus in the Forums:

Have you missed seeing us during our Dev Hangouts? Well, this week, we are bringing the Hangouts to YOU! Instead of hosting our own, this Saturday, our Devs will be making guest appearances on two different community Hangouts.

You can catch Starr Long, SotA Executive Producer, on Markee Dragon’s “Shroud of the Avatar Roundtable” ( at 5pm EST (4pm CST).

And then at 8pm EST (7 pm CST), SotA artist Geoff Mellon and Scott “Lum the Mad” Jennings will be making guest appearances on this week’s Dragonsmeet. Links will be posted at fifteen minutes prior to the broadcast.

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As always, Stephen is diligently working away on the art for Shroud of the Avatar. While we slumbered, he kept working on the Darkstarr Metronome giving it the final touches and adding all sorts of detail and flourish. If you remember, Stephen wanted the scythe to be part of the movement and it was suggested to have the scale be a spine. Stephen took all that into account and came up with this:

This is the final approved DarkStarr Metronome concept art. I changed the materials to a hard cherry wood finish for the cabinet with brass trim to be more Grandfather clock like. The scythe blade folds down into the cabinet. The skeletal right hand holding the scythe is attached to the pole and there is a second right hand for decoration on the outside of the cabinet when the door is closed.


Wow, what a stunningly cool piece of work! It looks amazing! I wish we could have seen all the work that went into the final piece, but Stephen can’t spend all his time entertaining us. There’s actually a game to be made here.

From the description this will be Grandfather Clock sized so it will make an awesome piece for a house. And don’t forget, this is an exclusive item that you can only get by backing the game at the Citizen or higher level. I don’t believe this is something you’ll be able to get in the actual game. Maybe you will, but I bet it would be insanely hard to come by. You need to pledge by July 31st to get one. Good thing I pledged during the Kickstarter campaign. I’ll just add this to my collection of loot.

Check out more pictures and comments here:

Exclusive Darkstarr Metronome. Get yours before they’re gone!

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

MMORPG took some time to talk with Starr Long and his return to making games with Richard Garriott. Starr has made several games and was with Lord British back in the Origin days. For this interview Starr talks about the game, his role as all knowing overseer, what it likes to get input from the community and his vision for where the MMO is headed.

Because of the tight relationship between Richard and Starr, I really do expect these two will push each other to make the game the best it can be as well as having the strength to say something needs to be changed, cut or fixed.

Shroud of the Avatar Interviews: Starr Long Goes Back to His Roots

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

Gaming Trend took some time to chat with Richard Garriott and Starr Long about the new Shroud of the Avatar game demo and what it’s like to work with crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

After the presentation, we got a chance to chat with both Starr and Richard about where the game is and where they plan to take it:

Shroud of the Avatar to have crowdsourced material, early demo looks great

More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

Stephen started the concept art during the Pen of the Avatar on 7/9/2013. He had several different models and the ideas were pretty varied. At the end of the hour it was clear Stephen had a direction, but needed more time to solidify his design. Well, listed below is more work, his thought process and how both Richard and Starr had input into the final design. Have a look below and check out the discussion forum post for more comments and information.

And don’t forget, this is a limited item only available to backers. You need to pledge at the Citizen level or above to get one. Or if you’re already a backer this will be added to the ever increasing amount of loot. It’s good to get in early!


In celebration of Starr Long joining the SotA Dev Team, we are memorializing his Darkstarr online persona with several new pledge rewards available to all backers that pledge prior to July 31, 2013. All Citizen level backers will receive the Darkstarr Moondial, a special in-game, yard decoration which will track the heavens both day and night! A very useful invention when planning strategies in-game, as this device lets you explore the mists of Revelations and Prophesy, unveiling astronomical events and revealing bits of lore to astute adventurers.

Exclusive Darkstarr Moondial. Get yours before they’re gone!


Starr approached me yesterday with the concept of the Darkstarr Moondial that he, Richard, Dallas and Chris came up with. They were discussing ideas for unique furnishings in the homes and/or gardens of property owners. Starr collects time pieces and Richard collects all sorts of interesting mechanical contraptions. As they were discussing possibilities Richard hit upon the idea of a moondial. Cosmology plays a big part in SotA.
Starr provided me with the reference they had gathered and shared their discussion. I started the concept live on PotA Tuesday the 9th. After the show I continued to flesh out the concept wrapping my mind around what would be visually important and how best incorporate the communities input. The moondial will be metal, brass or bronze and about the size of a table. The planets with slowly revolve in their orbits and there will be something special about the shattered moon. Emits light? Then I sent my Work In Progress (WIP) to Richard for review that evening. Richards feedback was to make sure the shattered moon, Daedalus (created from the collision of 2 moons some 400 years prior) was clearly visible. 8 planets one for each Virtue, moons if I so desired and put the sun on the outer horizontal ring. Bring the snake off the planet so it can be the moondial/pointer.



More brilliant musings about my adventures in New Britannia

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